Azores Touch promotes local accommodation in the Azores, managing and promoting rural accommodation and housing, duly licensed and equipped to offer an unforgettable stay in the Azores, in contact with nature and offering all it's heritage to be visited and explored.

We present the best Local Accommodation in the islands of the central group, with housing houses licensed for tourism and prepared to receive those who visit the Azores, with full monitoring of their stay, from check-in to check-out!

The implementation of a licensing process, the allocation of a team to monitor tourists’ stays, the commercial and marketing promotion of housing at an international level, accompanied by an internal process of alignment and involvement of Housing Partners, are characteristics that have a specific focus on maximizing the use of dwellings in offering the best Local Accommodation in the Azores.

Integrating the Azores Touch Local Accommodation offer will allow us to integrate a Local Accommodation Network available to offer the best of the Azores to those who visit us, in terms of accommodation. And, above all, each owner will be an integral part of our team, otherwise it wouldn’t make any sense for Azores Touch. Your well-being is our well-being!

An integrated, active and growing Local Accommodation Network:

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